Where Might the Mess Begin

A recent Gado Arts Presentation

Kenyans have just some few days to the 2017 elections and everyone out here is hopefully peaceful. You see, Kenyans are not actually violent; what I feel is that the majority population is jobless and fed up. But then, fed up of what? That I don’t know too. 

Unajuaa, war is really stupid. In 2007 we wasted about 4months fighting and still Kibaki with the help of Ngina never got out of that seat. Let’s all hope this the winner wins and the loser sits down:… Stays humble👊💪.

So what is it they might use to make us tribal at these tensed moments? Here is what I think: IEBC gives Uhuru a win but the Parallel Tallying Centre claims otherwise. 

Apparently, the only structure NASA depends on for their system’s sucess is the direct PS agents to feed  figures on it. This parallel thing is therefore the real problem to the other side. That’s why Matiang’i was like piga kura na uende home. That’s direct order from the president; Matiangi ni mdomo tu. “Only the people given access to the polling station by IEBC shall be allowed in the voting premises.” Another presidential order. This way, the Parallel TC Agents won’t have access to figures. Mathematics my friend.

Rumours claim that Baba’s swearing in would take place in TZ if the voter sympathy favours him but power remains a fantasy.  Now considering the “Cloud TC” will be headquartered somewhere in the same state, what can be the most probable outcome? The son of Oginga goes to TZ, tells us to fight Kenyatta, and then watches the show. From afar. 

And then ask yourself, what if the parallel TC fails to work?

But even if Kenyatta falls, it will take a whole lot of negatives that could destroy property, life and stability. All we ask from politicians  is just abit of sanity.  Solicit wisely and be considerate. Kuna Mkenya hana haja na hio kiti.. Have them out of your equation.
Maintain Peace.


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